National Drummer Day

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November 15th

National Drummer Day is November 15th - We created this special day just for drummers and percussionists throughout the nation and the world. Join our movement to celebrate the heart of the rhythm and the passion behind every drummer on this earth. November 15th is your day!


National special day was originated by Drumming.com to highlight and celebrate drummers throughout the world. Created to coincide with National Drumming Day, drummers now have their very own day dedicated to just them. National Drummer Day includes percussionists of all types including drumset players, Afro-Cuban drummers (congas, djembe, bongos, etc.) and world percussion players in general involving drums such as the doumbek, pandeiros, bodhrans and others. And we must not forget our marching drummers. Whether you play snare drum, quads or melodic marching percussion in school band or noted drumlines, we salute you and celebrate your percussive presence in the world.

"I consider every drummer that every played before me an influence." - Buddy Rich

Gifts for Drummers

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When is National Drummer Day? It's November 15th of every year and coincides with National Drumming Day. This is also a world event as International Drummer Day.

Drum Chat Forum

Talk about National Drummer Day at DrumChat.com. Drum Chat is one of the world's most popular talk forum for drummers. With thousands of users coming through the forum every day, drummers worldwide can learn from a plethora of information as Drum Chat has over half a million posts! Check out the drum lesson videos or the numerous tutorials on drumming. Or just chat and get to know other knowlegable drummers from many countries. As always, Drum Chat is free to join and open to drummers everywhere.

National Drummer Day / International Drummer Day

November 15th.


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Celebrate Drummers on our own special day... National Drummer Day!

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